PODIUM stands for a modern, ambitious and innovative music production beyond standard conventions. Spaces for special productions are created, where chamber music takes the center stage.

PODIUM is a stage for encounters in Esslingen, where multidisciplinarity comes just as naturally as internationality. It gives young and uprising European musicians the chance to discover new ways of performing in the 21st century.

PODIUM serves as a platform for cultural innovation, where everyone can take part: young people with different backgrounds take responsibility and engage themselves autonomously in the organization team. Citizens support PODIUM financially and consultative through the PODIUM Music Foundation.

PODIUM is a moveable network of young people who share the common vision of a new and revolutionary festival for classical music. The young creators come from all kinds of fields – the PODIUM team demonstrates that cultural creation at a high standard is not up to the elite of artists, but rather benefits from a dialog between all life and knowledge domains.

The festival is a unique catalyst for young engagement. Here, a highly professional cultural trademark has been created, which attracts many young, enthusiastic people and encourages them to invest a large part of their free time for the bigger and smaller tasks of this project. Due to an innovative organizational structure, the threshold to active participation is very low. All processes are managed through a virtual office: a web data cloud. This allows decentralized collaboration at any time.