PODIUM Music Foundation

young spirit of creation - civil participation - boundless art


Legal status: civil law foundation
Founded: March 2013
Based in: Esslingen am Neckar


The PODIUM Festival was founded in 2009 by Steven Walter and Minh Schumacher and has been developed into one of the most exciting chamber music festivals in Europe. Trademarks of the PODIUM Festival are: the radical way in which chamber music is presented to a young audience, the multidisciplinary approach and the young team of artists and other persons engaged in the cultural sector, which do not only participate in shaping the program, but also take responsibility for the festival organization and provide a large amount of creativity and innovation. Until 2013, the festival was backed by a non-profit association of young musicians.

To create a vision for the future of the new and uprising festival, a civil-based foundation was established in 2013. The purpose of the foundation is the support of art and culture, especially classical music and the cultural education of young people. This also includes undertaking the trusteeship for the annual PODIUM Festival.

The PODIUM Music Foundation serves to support the young Festival-Team as well as creating a solid base for the active growth of the PODIUM Festival. By means of the foundation, a unique model of institutionalized collaboration has been created between young, creative founders with roots in the music scene, and experienced personalities with political, economic, cultural, or public relations backgrounds. This allows a regular transfer of experiences and knowledge. It supports civil engagement of young people in the cultural sector and gives an internationally oriented initiative of young, dedicated artists from all of Europe a strong local base.


Brigitte Russ-Scherer (chairwoman)
Lothar Kuhn
Adrian-Minh Schumacher

Foundation council
Dr. Manfred Kessler (chairman)
Dr. Peter Baumeister
Christof Mühlschlegel
Dr. Alf Reuscher
Dr. Jürgen Zieger

Board of trustees
Curt Michael Stoll (chairman)
Dr. Günter Baumann
Dr. Christine Bechtle-Kobarg
Martina Bongen
Peter Bürkle
Prof. Dr. Michael Geißler
Dr. Roland und Angelika Goll
Reinhard Grossmann
Eckart Hengstenberg
Prof. Dr. Gert Kollmer-v. Oheimb-Loup
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kühn
Isabella C. Maier
Bernd Georg Milla
Eduard Schlauch
Prof. Dr. Oliver Scheytt
Prof. Dr. Christian v. Schnakenburg
Prof. Dr. Martin Tröndle



Executive manager
Steven Walter
+49 157 317 99 394

Brigitte Russ-Scherer
Adrian-Minh Schumacher

Mailing address

PODIUM Festival Esslingen
Bahnhofstr. 31
73728 Esslingen am Neckar